About Haley

Haley Young quickly built a following in the fitness industry when moving to Birmingham Alabama in 2008.  After graduating from Auburn University with a degree in Health Promotion and Business Administration, she moved to Birmingham to pursue a career in personal training.  At the age of 24 Haley opened Studio Fitness, a private personal training studio. After just one year in business, Haley was named Best Personal Trainer by Birmingham Magazine.

Haley believes practicing moderation through diet and exercise, any woman can achieve their fitness goals. She has a talent for building personal relationships and structuring individual programs that works best for every woman’s lifestyle. Young says, “Each person is different, and has an incredible story. Its not just about fitness and working out. It is about finding out who you are and how you can be the best you can be in all areas of life. Fitness is one way that helps tie all of this together”.

Haley is known in Birmingham for her knowledge of a woman’s body during Pre, Term, and Post Pregnancy. Her Fit-Pregnancy Workouts guide women step by step through each trimester. Women have seen the benefits of Haley’s program and she quickly became a trusted wealth of knowledge by many young women in Birmingham. One client said, “When I first found out I was pregnant I went straight to Haley. I trust her and know she has the best interest for me and my baby. I also know she is an expert in making delivery easy on my body and will help me bounce back after pregnancy”. 

After seeing first hand the effects her program and training has had on many women, she wanted to reach out and help more than just the Birmingham Moms. Haley launched www.fit-workouts.com so she could share her experiences, techniques, workouts, and support with women everywhere.

When it comes to fitness, Haley will find a way to make it work for YOU and your lifestyle. If you are a working mother, bride to be, expecting mother, or simply want a fitness challenge there is a FIT-Workout for you.