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Fit Pregnancy DVD


With this Fit-Pregnancy DVD Haley will guide you through three detailed workouts-one for each trimester of your pregnancy. Your body is adapting to many changes and following her program will not only give you more energy but also help your body bounce back after pregnancy. This DVD will keep you moving from the beginning of your pregnancy all the way to delivery. 

You are embarking on an amazing journey- and Haley looks forward to helping you look and feel your best through this exciting time in your life!

What others are saying...

When I found out I was pregnant, Haley helped me maintain my fitness level during my pregnancy when my workout regimen was restricted by my doctor. She motivated me and helped instill a healthy and positive sense of self and body image for me. I will continue to workout with Haley during the rest of my pregnancy and after my pregnancy to help me lose my pregnancy weight.

Jacqueline-Birmingham, Al

Haley and her Fit-Workout Program are amazing- I found out I was pregnant and started the Fit-Pregnancy Program. I have had more energy, I feel good about my body and feel confident in delivery. I can't wait to see what Haley has in store for me after pregnancy to get back to my pre-baby weight. I will continue to workout out and follow Haley through every stage in my life!

Haley W. -Birmingham, Al